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The Facts About High Speed Rail in Florida

High speed rail in Florida will soon be a reality! All Aboard Florida will provide residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando a fast, affordable, and environmentally sustainable method of transportation.

Key Features

  • Connecting Miami and Orlando in less than three hours
  • Designed to serve locals, tourists, and business travelers
  • Developed by Florida East Coast Industries (FECI)
  • Best-in-class innovation and technology
  • Hospitality-driven on-board experience
  • Time savings of 25-30% vs. existing travel options
  • Provides relief for Florida’s congested roadways
  • Faster than driving and just as fast as flying
  • Nearby access to retail, dining, and hotel attractions
  • Competitively priced against other transportation options
  • Hourly departures starting in the early morning and ending in the late evening

Economic Impact

  • $500M/year increase in the state's goods and services production for five years
  • Ongoing impact of $150M/year after that
  • Thousands of jobs created during construction and implementation
  • $200M of tax revenue for state and local government through 2021

Environmental and Community Benefits

  • Three million less cars on roadways each year
  • Less fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Relatively few natural resources and land will be needed, as the project utilizes existing corridors
  • Environmental Assessment for Miami to West Palm Beach segment received Finding of No Significant Impact
  • Growth of urban centers surrounding South Florida downtown stations
  • Increased tourism

Progress To Date

  • Announced in March 2012
  • Finalization of engineering reviews, environmental reviews, and ridership study
  • Meetings with more than 700 civic groups, local businesses, and city and state officials
  • Placed order for rolling stock (train sets)
  • Acquisition of all necessary properties and lands completed
  • Infrastructure agreements obtained
  • Designs for rolling stock and stations are currently underway
  • Stations near-ready to break ground
  • Site work underway for station construction, slated to start in early 2015

The positive impacts of high speed rail in Florida are numerous. As the first privately owned, operated, and maintained passenger rail system in the United States, All Aboard Florida will be funded without grant money, ongoing subsidies, or taxpayer money.